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GCEAF Roundtable: Sustainable Bioenergy and Biorefineries

On the occasion of the GCEAF, Biofuture Platform Initiative organized a Sustainable Bioenergy and Biorefineries Roundtable. The aim was to affirm and increase public and private sector commitment to the innovation, investment, and policy needed to fulfill the potential for bio-based fuels, chemicals, and materials to enable the Net Zero future.

Biofuture Business Forum | 23 Sep.

Together with the U.S. DOE Loan Program Office, the Biofuture Initiative and Campaign are hosting a GCEAF Biofuture Business Forum Friday morning 23 September.

Counting Carbon Side Event | 22 Sep.

“If you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it.” A series of rapid “TED-style” talks among leaders, Companies, Industry Associations, a National Lab, and NGOs.