The CEM Biofuture Platform Initiative is developing activities to tackle some of the key barriers to the development of a sustainable bioeconomy.
Current activities include

Sustainability Workstream

The mission of the Workstream on Biomass Quantification and Sustainability Governance (aka the Sustainability Workstream) is to promote an evidence-based understanding of sustainable biomass production and use. Their desired outcomes are

  • Ensure appropriate roles for sustainable biomass to help achieve goals for net-zero, climate-smart energy, and sustainable development
  • Reduce sustainability risks for biomass production and utilization
  • Recognition that biomass is the foundation for more sustainable, circular economies

Learn more about the Sustainability Workstream

Biofuture Campaign

The Biofuture Campaign enables joint work between Governments and Industry to realize the potential for sustainable bio-based fuels, chemicals, and materials to substitute for their fossil equivalents.

The growing Campaign membership consists of companies and industry associations investing in and driving the innovation needed for an inclusive clean energy transition and a net zero, circular economy.

The Biofuture Campaign supports the Biofuture Platform work on Biomass Quantification and Sustainability Governance and encourages the use of transparent and agreed upon carbon accounting methods to inform policies and to optimize GHG reductions from using bio-based products.

Policy Blueprint

The Policy Blueprint aims to provide countries with the methodologies, tools and practical guidance to evaluate and improve the impacts and effectiveness of their bioenergy and bioeconomy policies. The Blueprint is based on a quantitative and qualitative analysis of member countries’ policy portfolios. It aims to provide guidance on the essential elements of policy portfolios, along with good practice policy examples.

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