Brazil’s RenovaBio emissions reduction credits start trading in the stock exchange

On Abril 27th, the final step for the full operationalization of Brazil´s National Biofuels Policy (RenovaBio) was taken, as decarbonization credits (CBIO) start being sold in the Brazilian stock exchange. From today, certified biofuel producers will be able to sell this tradable certificate, with each unit corresponding to a total savings of one ton of […]

Biofuture Platform Initiative has a newsletter

The Biofuture Platform Initiative has now a newsletter! The aim is to highlight, in a concise format, what the Biofuture Platform, its member countries, and the Facilitator team at the International Energy Agency (IEA) are up to in lighting the path to a sustainable low-carbon bioeconomy.

IEA becomes Facilitator of Biofuture Platform

The transition of the Facilitator role to the IEA reinforces the Biofuture Platform’s commitment to shared leadership and international dialogue and collaboration on sustainable bioenergy. The IEA will work closely under the guidance of the Biofuture Platform’s 20 member countries.

Biofuture Year Wrap Up 2018

We, the interim Facilitator team in Brazil, wish to celebrate a good starting year and wish all of you a great holiday season by summing up a few highlights in this starting year of the Biofuture Platform.

Collaboration with the ART Fuels Forum

The Biofuture Platform interim facilitator has recently established collaboration with the ART Fuels Forum, a project financed by the European Commission.