Counting Carbon Side Event | 22 Sep.


“If you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it.” A series of rapid “TED-style” talks among leaders, Companies, Industry Associations, a National Lab, and NGOs.

Public Event
22 September 2022 | 13:45 – 14:45
Room 414
David Lawrence Convention Center 
1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA

“If you can’t measure it, then you can’t improve it.” In a series of rapid “TED-style” talks, leaders from Companies, Industry Associations, a National Lab, and NGOs will discuss: 

  • The importance of Carbon Intensity Accounting (i.e., Life-Cycle Analysis) to realizing the Clean Energy Transition and creating a Circular Economy
  • The need and prospects for harmonizing Carbon Intensity Accounting between products and sectors
  • How policymakers can use Carbon Intensity Accounting to drive meaningful change
  • How Carbon Accounting impacts their innovation and project implementation pipeline



  • Paolo Frankl | International Energy Agency | Head of the Renewable Energy Division
  • Gerard J. Ostheimer, Ph.D. | Biofuture Campaign | Co-Manager


  • Nancy Young | Alder Fuels | Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Thomas Meth | Enviva Biomass | President and Co-Founder
  • Yuki Kabe | Braskem | Director, Sustainable Development
  • Doug Berven | Poet | Vice President for Corporate Affairs
  • Paul Bloom | Gevo | Chief Carbon and Innovation Officer
  • Daniel B. Fishman | NREL | National Lead, IEA Bioenergy Task 45
  • Rebecca Groen | SHV | Director, Sustainable Fuels
  • Mikala Grubb | Topsoe | Senior Director, Clean Fuels Technology
  • Zia Haq | U.S. Department of Energy | Senior Analyst
  • Graham Noyes | Low Carbon Fuels Coalition | CEO
  • Andrew Chen | Rocky Mountain Institute | Principal, Aviation Decarbonization