Biofuture Business Forum | 23 Sep.


Together with the U.S. DOE Loan Program Office, the Biofuture Initiative and Campaign are hosting a GCEAF Biofuture Business Forum Friday morning 23 September.

23 September 2022 | 9:30  – 11:45
Room 318
David Lawrence Convention Center
1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA

U.S. DOE is hosting the Global Clean Energy Action Forum ( that includes the annual joint meeting of the Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation 21 – 23 September in Pittsburgh, PA.

Together with the U.S. DOE Loan Program Office, the Biofuture Initiative and Campaign are hosting a GCEAF Biofuture Business Forum Friday morning 23 September. The Business Forum will assemble technologists, investors, and government officials to identify what it will take for the industrial biotechnology sector to reach $100+ billion in capital formation and achieve commercial lift-off.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel & Project Finance | 09:30 – 10:30

We are hosting a session on “Sustainable Aviation Fuel & Project Finance” to consider how to de-risk investment in SAF Projects. This session will

  • Bring together project developers, fuel off-takers and financiers
  • Enable communication to unlock project finance
  • Create an opportunity for financiers to learn and to ask questions
  • Create an opportunity for project developers to learn from financiers


  • Jim Spaeth | U.S. DOE BETO | Chair Biofuture Initiative & U.S. DOE Program Manager


Investment Community

  • Chris Cassidy | U.S. Department of Agriculture | Renewable Energy Advisor
  • Maria Martinez | Breakthrough Energy | Manager, U.S. Policy and Advocacy
  • Charles Sorkin | Hamilton Clark | Managing Director
  • William S. Thompson | Barclays Investment Bank | Spearhead Industrial & Energy Thematic Research
  • To be named | U.S. Department of Energy Loan Programs Office |

SAF/Airline Community

  • Amelia DeLuca | Delta Air Lines | Vice President, Sustainability
  • Gene Gebolys | World Energy | CEO
  • Carlos Maurer | Shell | EVP, Sectors and Decarbonisation
  • Jeff McDaniel | Velocys | Vice President, New Projects
  • Tim Pohle | Airlines for America | Vice President, Environmental Affairs
  • Jimmy Samartzis | LanzaJet | CEO
  • Geoff Tauvette | C-SAF | Executive Director
  • Chris Tindal | CAAFI | Assistant Director

Carbon Accounting & Project Finance | 10:45 – 11:45

We are hosting a session on “Carbon Accounting & Project Finance” that will consider how to enable and empower carbon accounting to be a driver of policy, demand, and investment. Key elements of this session will

  • Facilitate dialog between producers of bio-based fuels, chemicals, and materials with financiers/investors
  • Provide examples of how carbon accounting is creating (and de-risking) demand for bio-based products to replace their fossil equivalent
  • Enable financiers/investors to understand these evolving markets and the risks therein


  • Gerard J. Ostheimer, Ph.D. | Biofuture Campaign | Co-Manager


  • John Hanselman | Vanguard Renewables | Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Sam Lehr | Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas | Manager of Sustainability & Markets Policy
  • Graham Noyes | Low Carbon Fuels Coalition | Executive Director
  • Greg Dolan | Methanol Institute | CEO
  • Angela Hepworth | Drax | SVP, Commercial Innovation
  • Samuel Oswald |ENI |Policy and Government Affairs Specialist
  • Carlos Maurer | Shell | EVP, Sectors and Decarbonisation
  • Rebecca Groen | SHV | Director Sustainable Fuels
  • Douglas Dagan | Suburban Propane | Vice President, Strategic Initiatives – Renewable Energy

Therese Hermann | Topsoe | Global Public Affairs Director