Accelerate the transition to a global bioeconomy

The Biofuture Platform is a 23-country effort to promote an advanced low-carbon bioeconomy that is sustainable, innovative and scalable.

Despite bioenergy’s potential as an abundant renewable resource, appropriate biomass uses are slowed by concerns about sustainability, including both supply chain risks and unclear contributions to mitigating climate change. The Workstream on Biomass Quantification and Sustainability Governance was launched in 2022 to address these uncertainties through evidence-based, practical information.

Biofuture Sustainability Workstream

Achieving net zero emissions by 2050 will require countries, industries and citizens to reduce, recycle and replace fossil carbon across all economic sectors and modes of use. Rapid electrification and efficiency improvements are necessary but not sufficient to achieve net zero. The Biofuture Campaign was developed under the Clean Energy Ministerial, alongside the Biofuture Platform Initiative, to enable joint work between governments and industry to accelerate this change.

Clean Energy Ministerial Biofuture Campaign


The Biofuture Platform country members, supporting organizations, and private sector partners are leading the advancement of modern sustainable low-carbon technologies and scale-up deployment of bio-based solutions globally.​