Biofuels and renewable sources of energy have developed greatly around the world.

The Statistical Review of World Energy 2018 from BP

July, 31st, 2018

According to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, the world´s biofuel production has increased by 3,5% in 2017, surpassing 2014’s record. Biofuel production surpassed the mark of 84,1 million tonnes of oil equivalent, around 2,6 Million more than 2016.

Ethanol has been responsible for over 60% of the biofuels sector growth, amounting to 1,5 Mtoe in new production. International Biodiesel production has increased by 1,1 Mtoe. The increased production has been spearheaded by the US, with 36 Mtoe, followed by Brazil with 18 Mtoe.
A remarkable growth in biofuel production has been registered in the Asia Pacific region, where 26 countries have registered 9 Mtoe of biofuels production in 2017.
The full paper can be accessed here.