Conference on Advanced Biofuels and Bioeconomy

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When: 12/02/2016 - 8H30 am - 6H30 pm

Where: Canning House, London, United Kingdom


8h40 – 9h00 Arrival and Registration
9h00 – 9h30 Opening Remarks
 Peter Collecott, Chairman (Canning House)
 Ambassador Eduardo dos Santos
 Jeremy Woods (Imperial College)
 Sir David King (FCO)
9h30 – 11h 1st Session: the role of 2nd generation biofuels in tackling climate change with a positive social and economic dimension
Chair: Ausilio Bauen (E4Tech)
 Rob Wakely (UK Department for Transport)
 Márcio Félix (Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil)
 Mairi Black (UCL)
 Guilherme Studart (BNDES)
11h – 11h15 Coffee Break
11h15 – 13h00 2nd Session: Bioproducts, biorrefineries, biotechnology: the road towards a bioeconomy revolution
Chair: Jeremy Tomkinson (NNFCC)
 Gustavo Leite (CTC)
 Jeremy Woods (Imperial College)
 Dario Giordano (Beta Renewables)
 Gustavo Sergi (Braskem)
 Nigel Dickens (Shell)
13h – 14h Lunch
14h – 15h30 3rd Session: the Brazilian experience: current trends and challenges, trade and investment opportunities
Chair: Plinio Nastari (Datagro)
 Alex Figueiredo (Apex)
 Eduardo Leão (UNICA)
 Fernando Garcia (Amyris)
15h30 – 15h45 Coffee break
15h45 – 17h15 4th Session: The Biofuture Platform: Kickstarting a new, green Bioeconomy
 Iain Wright, MP
 Renato Godinho (Ministry of External Relations, Brazil)
 Anne Väätäinen (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland)
 Ambassador Eduardo dos Santos
17h15 – 18h30 Cocktail reception

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